Feedback & Contributing for Mass Effect 5e


We welcome feedback, criticism, and questions! Whether you're a playtester with a mile-long list of class balance issues or simply a passer-by with a fun idea, please let us know.

Our feedback form can be used for pretty much anything: questions, ideas, clarifications, etc. It also gives you the option to leave feedback anonymously (but we won't be able to respond). Although, we only check the form a few times a week, so it might be a few days before we get back to you.

You can also email us directly. We'll be a bit more responsive and can have an ongoing thread of discussion.

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If you'd like to be involved in ongoing discussions and follow updates more closely, you can jump into the fray via GitHub. The site has an issues section where we track everything from site bugs to theorycrafting.

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  3. Review and comment on our current issues
  4. Open new issues

Collaborators wanted!

Over the past year, we've had tons of unsolicited assistance from community users. While we're extremely grateful for everyones hard work, this method often results in duplicate effots. Thus, we've created a list of ongoing and on-time needs that have been languishing in our backlog. If you'd like to contribute, please consult the list below and contact us with what you'd like to work on.

High Priority

Mass Effect monsters

We've filled out quite a few monsters in the bestiary, but there are still a lot to complete. If you'd like to create an original monster stat block or revise a current one, this sheet has more information.

Fillable PDF character sheet

Thessiand Shadow, Szirach, and TheNamelessOne have all created great fillable PDFs (thanks!). But we've made a few changes to our print version since then, so we're in need of some updates.

Google Sheets character sheet

Ben McPherson got pretty far with a Google Sheet version of the character sheet. If anyone is a guru with GSheets and wants to take a stab at completing his work, it'd be a great help!

Low(er) Priority

Class specific character sheets

With only 6 classes, it makes sense to adjust the character sheets with class specific information and boxes. If you'd like to work on this, we can send you the original InDesign files so you can work off the original character sheet.

Spell card design

The spell cards are a year old and could use a designer's eye. The key challenge will be getting all the spell text on the card.

Icon design

The site uses Material Design Icons, icons from the Noun Project, and originally created icons. We'd love for someone to create a new set of icons for us, one that reflects the Mass Effect universe. Let us know if you're interested and we can provide a list icon needs.

PDF of rules

We've been waiting on a more stable version of the ruleset to ask for this one. But as we slowly approach v1.0.0, it makes sense to go ahead an look for contributors.


Adventures and scenarios

After v1.0.0, we hope to start publishing unique adventures. We have a couple small scenarios we're going to pusblish soon, but would love for community members to contribute thier creations!

Original spells

If you have a great idea for an original spell, you can either use our spell idea form, or open a spell proposal issue on GitHub.

Re-skinned D&D 5th edition monsters

We're looking to expand the bestiary with a list of Mass Effect appropriate monsters from 5th edition. If you spot a unique monster in one of the many 5th edition books and think it would make an interesting alien send us your idea via any of the feedback methods

Re-skinned D&D 5th edition spells

Any spells you see in 5th edition that you think would make an interesting addition, let us know!