Saturday, July 07, 2018


  • Added information about cover (specifically targeting shooting through enemies)
  • Added Multiclassing rules


  • Shield regeneration can also be triggered by taking full cover
  • After triggering your shield regeneration with the Hide or Dodge action, your shields continue to regenerate at the start of your turn until you take damage or until the shields reach maximum capacity.


Barrier regens on a short rest.


The following features came from the wizard's progression D&D 5th edition. However, in Mass Effect 5e, a 2nd level spell is equivalent to a 3rd/4th level spell in 5th edition. Thus, the following features were allowing very powerful, high-level casts for free. Biotic Mastery - limited to 1st level spells Signature Biotics - limited to 1st & 2nd level spells


With the release of Xanathar's Guide to Everything, many of the following features have been updated or clarified. To match their 5th edition counterparts, the following features have been updated:

  • Shadow
    • Sudden Strike
  • Saboteur
    • Ear for Deceit, Eye for Detail, Insightful Fighting, Eye for Weakness


Biotic Slash proved too costly as a subclass feature. It has been replaced with Biotic Fury (Barbarian's Divine Fury) and Relentless (Paladin's Relentless Avenger)


Biotic "Higher Level" spell effects have been doubled. This was a major oversight in the way spell damage was handled. We follow the DMG's recommendations for spell damage, but ME5e spells cap at 5th level. A 1st level spell in this system is equivalent to a 1st or 2nd level in 5th Edition. 2nd => 3rd or 4th. Therefore, in this system, when you cast a 1st level spell as 2nd level, the spell is increased by 2 levels (not 1). Therefore the benefits should be doubled.

Additionally the range of most spell attacks has been increased.

  • Alter Center Mass: Increased range
    • Debilitate: reduces speed and buffs AoE attacks on the target
  • Catapult: Improved spell text.
    • Salvo: Max to number of targets
    • Counterstrike: Potential counterspell
  • Lance: Increased Range.
    • Anti-shield Lighting damage is in addition to force damage (not a replacement)
  • Nova: Changed to a cantrip. Since it requires Barrier Ticks to cast, it did not make sense to add an additional resource cost.
    • Half Blast adjusted for comparable damage to Improved Damage.
  • Pull
    • Control was removed and included in the spell. Grip added to provided a damage-dealing component to the spell.
  • Reave: Overhauled. Now reflects how the spell works in the Mass Effect games.
  • Shockwave: Clarified the width of the line
    • Improved Distance was removed and replaced with Controlled Shockwave, allowing the player to redirect the shockwave as it travels


  • Biotic Slash, this replaces the Vanguards Biotic Slash feature as the feature proved too costly compared to other class features.

Site Changes - Mobile Site Refactor

Our analytics showed that ~50% of the site traffic was from mobile devices. So the primary focus of this update was to improve the quality of the mobile site. Including

  • Mobile views for search and filters
  • Full screen dialogs
  • Responsive tables
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