v0.8.1 - New Races!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


We've got 2 new races, thanks to Ben McPherson!


You'll want to work with your GM on playing a Prothean, as they were wiped out 50,000 years before the first Mass Effect game. But Javik was discover in an undamaged stasis pod, so its possible there are other surviving members of the race throughout the galaxy. As a prothean you have acces to a unique set of skills but they're not without the constant badgering of interested parties wanting to know exactly what you are.


If you've set your campaign in Andromeda, Angara a available as a playable race. We'll be working on incorporating more Andromeda monsters and spells into the system, but this should give you enough to get started!

Other Changes

  • Added the Moderately and Heavily Armored feats to available starting traits.
  • Clarified mechanic of Salarian's photographic memory. Before there was confusion about what score to "double", especially if you already had expertise in the skill



  • Tactical cloak ends after 1 min or making an attack, casting a spell, using a grenade or mine, or firing a heavy weapon.


Tech Armor: Tech armor suffered from scaling issues. I.e., it was too powerful at level 1 and too weak at higher levels. Many of the Tech Armor powers and enhancements have been updated to make the usefulness of the power scale.

  • Removed the AC boost and damage resistance. Works similarly to Arcane Ward in 5th Edition, granting more temporary hit points. Additionally, the ongoing tech point drain has been removed.
  • Advanced, tech armor has resistance to all damage. Whenever you cast a spell, tech armor gains hit points equal to three times the spell level or tech points spent.


  • Assault Armor: Creatures compelled to attack you while tech armor is active can make the saving throw again is they take damage from a source other than you.
  • Improved Tech Armor:
    • Initial, tech armor provides +1 AC.
    • Advanced, tech armor has resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.
  • Tech Armor Overload:
    • Initial, Increased range to 4m, added CON saving throw. Damage based on the remaining hit points of the tech armor.
    • Advanced, range increased to 8m, creatures has disadvantage on the saving throw.


  • Biotic enfilade: Limited to 1 per short/long rest


  • Tech Aura:
    • Reactive, limited to Dex or Str saving throws.
    • Speed, increased to 6m and can take the disengage action as a bonus action.
    • Regen, shield point regen based on spellcasting modifier


  • Turbocharge: New combat power that provides burst fire to any weapon.
  • Nova: Improved damage is d12
  • Cryo Beam: Con save instead of dex save


  • +1 AC mod bonuses increased to 20,000 credits, considered to be a "rare" level mod. Armor set prices adjusted to reflect this change.


  • Passive Perception now shows up on stat block
  • Adjutant & Weakened Adjutant: Reaper infection is a melee attack with specific target.

Site Changes

  • Some monster skills did not properly reflect their ability scores
  • Not all subclass features were showing up in the subclass tab
  • Fixed bug in CR sorting of the bestiary
  • Tech Armor was erroneously displaying as the Blackstar's 14th level subclass feature
  • All class race combinations allowed in the NPC Generator

New Character Sheet!

The feedback from users has called for the desperate need for an updated character sheet, and we're happy to deliver. Veterans of 5th edition will not that the sheet might be a little unorthodox: AC on the back? ... Yes! When designing this sheet we wanted to give a tactile action to starting an encounter. So when you roll for initiative, it means its time to flip your sheet and use all the combat information on the back. It's not perfect, there are a lot of class features that act as combat abilities, but this is out first draft. In future iterations we even hope to create class specific character sheets.

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