Friday, May 18, 2018


  • Monsters and NPCs that used grenades now have a Recharge 5-6 for grenades, rather than a set number of grenades. The recharge is not meant to indicate that the NPC is literally regenerating a grenade over time, but a random chance that the PC has more grenades.
  • Added a rule set about expenses, currency, buying and selling.


  • Salarian's photographic memory offered expertise in skills that are no longer in the game.


  • Removed Stun Baton from starting weapon options (it is an uncommon weapon). Replaced with Omni-Torch for Engineers.
  • Increase range of Tech Aura (Guardian Sentinel) from 4m/10m => 10m/20m


  • Vortex: Changed damage type to force.
  • Slam: Changed damage type to bludgeoning.
  • Singularity: Affects creatures AND objects, instead of only hostile creatures.
  • Barrier Detonation: Changes to DEX save instead of Hit Point roll.
  • Biotic Push: Removed "target is knocked prone". This is now an advanced option, replacing Deadly Push.
  • Target Painting: Reduced the duration to 1 round of combat. Since this is based on Faerie Fire which requires concentration, it didn't make sense for this spell to have infinite length.


  • There was an error in the cost calculation formula making the weapon costs too high.
  • Black Widow; was missing its additional benefits (ignores half cover, 1d4 additional damage to targets not behind cover)
  • Hip Fire: Removed the advantage that hip-fire provided on targets within 2m. This was an unfair benefit over melee weapons.
  • Shotguns: Reduced long range to double normal range instead of triple.
  • SMGs: Hip fire added to most SMGs


  • Rocket Drone: now has a range for it's distortion rockets


  • Hair Trigger: Limited to a single Double Tab weapon (i.e., cannot stack with Gunsliger). Allows 1 additional ranged attack per turn as a free action. Additionally, the +DEX bonus is added to the damage roll not the attack roll.
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