About Mass Effect 5e


Luke A
Luke Aeschleman
Creator, Site Developer

Luke is a web developer, librarian, and mediocre DM, who decided one day (after only 2 years to TRPG experience) that he wanted to play Mass Effect while rolling dice. He fell in love with the Mass Effect Universe after playing Mass Effect 2 (noob!). But he's since amassed a number of playthroughs for all the games. He's also spent WAY too much time playing ME3 Multiplayer. By day, Luke is a Digital Technologies Development Librarian at NC State University. By night, he wrangles 3 dogs, DMs, codes, watches baseball, and practices Si Lum Kung-Fu.

Hugh T
Hugh Thompson

Hugh is a TRPG enthusiast, both as a GM and a player. But, more importantly, Hugh has as much love for Mass Effect as anyone. With a keen eye for detail, Hugh takes a lot of the random crap Luke comes up with, strips away the verbiage and creates actionable rules and changes. By day, Hugh is the Director of Technology Solutions and Web Development at Rock, Paper, Scissors. He's also a dad and a hard-style strength training enthusiast.


Since we're currently a team of two, we have to give major credit to the list of people who've contributed in a variety of ways.

RJ Haggerty, a.k.a SleightxHope
Before RJ, this system was just a silly thing Hugh and Luke were doing in their spare time. But RJ's contributions really got the ball rolling. The current shape of the classes (subclasses, class features, and progression) are thanks to RJ, but he's also had a hand in weapon and armor mods and play testing

Alex Needleman
Alex is a thorough and detail-oriented play tester who has pointed out many anomalies and problematic features. He's also been working on a set of VTT maps that we hope to feature on the site soon. He has also been heavily involved in the creation of weapon mods.

Adam, a.k.a. TheMarmotKing
Adam has provided a lot of invaluable feedback and started many conversations. Most notably, you can thank him for the recent boost in class spell acquisition.

Benjamin McPherson
Ben has been poring through the rule set and pointing out OP mechanics and faulty site bugs. He's also been working on new content including races, spells, and assets. Thank him for the Angara and Protheans!

Noel Moriarty
Nmmoriarty is a wizard at breaking down rules and theorycrafting. This calculated approach has been invaluable in making a balanced yet intriguing system.

Duneday has contributed a lot of class improvement ideas, especially with Sentinels and was a major part of the Race audit

Other Shout outs!
damuttley, SrShdw, BLUEmusta, Mel Bee, Joey C., Connor C., RexThePig, MonocledMutineer, tioeduardo27, kstrtroi, HadesJester, Lodus, and any one who has contacted us with ideas or words of motivation!

If, we've missed anyone it was merely an oversight on our part and not intentional. Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to give you a shout out. If you're on the list and want to be removed, have your name changed, or update your picture, contact us as well.

Image Attributuions

Finally, there are a host of Creative Commons images that I've used, so I'd like to attribute and thank these indirect contributors. Any images not listed were either created by Luke Aeschleman or come from the the Mass Effect Wiki.